PCPLD Network Podcast on SoundCloud

Ep. 1: ‘Pushing up the daisies: The words we use to talk about death’ (released in September 2020)

Ep. 2: ‘The Bucket List’ (released in October 2020)

Ep. 3: ‘Remembering’ (released in November 2020)


PCPLD Network Webinar series

9.02.2021:   ‘Supporting people with learning disabilities in Bereavement’. Registration and more information HERE

8.12.2020:   ‘Expecting the unexpected’. Recording available HERE

10.11.2020: ‘Finding the words: assessing distress and discomfort in people with difficulty communicating’. Recording available HERE

25.09.2020: ‘DNAR orders and people with learning disabilities’. Recording available HERE

16.09.2020: ‘End of Life Care for People with Learning Disabilities’. Recording available HERE